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Insuring a vehicle for a short period

Car insurance, on a short term basis, could save you lot of money whilst protecting your driving licence. Perhaps your twelve-month insurance policy expired recently and you are not looking forward to renewing it for some reason? Or maybe you're borrowing a friend's car, or lending yours to someone else? You can apply for a short term policy for just the period you really need it for.

How do you apply for a temporary policy?

Simple. Firstly, decide the duration; a policy can be arranged for as long as 28 days or as little as a single day. The whole process takes only several minutes to complete. You fill in a short application form, pay by credit card and the policy documents will arrive by e-mail within moments.

Who is eligible for this type of car insurance?

It can be bought by a qualifying person whose age is anywhere between 18 and 75. This includes people with provisional driving licences although they are subjected to several additional conditions. Licences gained within the European Union are accepted; some policies are also open to holders of Australian or New Zealand driving licences. Having some minor convictions might not be an obstacle.

What cars and situations does the policy cover?

Most types of cars found on United Kingdom roads can be insured under a short-term policy. It is also possible to cover a van as long as its weight is no more than 3.5 tonnes. You can use the insured vehicle to drive to work or home, pick your kids up from school, move objects from one location to another. You can let a friend or relative borrow a vehicle that you own for a short while. You can have a self-drive holiday in the EU. All of these are covered by the policy. However cover does not extend to hired cars, transporting illegal items or driving around off-limit locations such as strategic objects are also outside the cover.

Arranging temporary cover is quick and easy and can save you the penalties for driving whilst uninsured.

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